Gallery | Travel and Sites | Mountain Biking in Fruita, Colorado: April 17-20, 2009

TJ flew into Colorado for a long weekend of insane mountain biking, hiking and camping in the desert canyons of western Colorado.
Campsite 45 in Colorado National Monument on Friday evening
TJ's tent set up on the top of the mesa
Mark gets dinner started (hot dogs!)
Saturday Morning, TJ is sporting the Garmin-Chipotle arm warmers
TJ, bike and tent in Fruita, Colorado
Mountain bikes!!
Riding the Wranger's Loop near the Kokopeli trails
TJ makes the drops look easy on his big 29'ers
Nice views of the Colorado river from the trails
TJ with the wheelies!!
Mark rides on the edge of the Mesa
Looking out over the Colorado river basin
Desert canyons and the Colorado River
TJ wheelies on Mary's Loop
Riding the early, flat part of Mary's Loop
Yeah, it's a good day
Mark hikes a bike up a narrow section of trail
Watching better bikers ride the edge
Now we're having fun!
Mary's Loop trail heads off into the distance
Looking back at the steep, technical, exciting Mary's Loop trail
A trail running race stop at the Pizza overlook (the last mtn bike photo)
Looking out at Colorado National Monument from Otto's overlook
Independance Monument, hard to believe Mark and I climbed this last year
TJ rockin' the canyons
TJ at Colorado National Monument
Elevation profile of bike route on Saturday
Google Earth view of the last few miles of trail
18 Road trailhead on Sunday
TJ's awesome bike - ready to ride!
Looking up at the book cliffs from West Zippity
Taking a break before tackling the next section
Looking towards the switchbacks on the Frontsize trail
TJ takes of up the trail
More views of sandstone cliffs
TJ is having a good ride
Looking back down West Zippity
Me and the Epic sitting in the shade
Mark takes off to check out the trail map
Fun bikes in green grass on a lovely day
Nice markers on every trail junction
Kessler's Run was so fun we rode it THREE times!
Biker coming down Kessler's run
TJ relaxing in the afternoon
Driving the bikes back up for another trip down Kessler's
Looking out at the trails
Mountains and skies in Grand Junction
Another shot of the book cliffs in the afternoon
TJ takes off on Kessler's
TJ flies down Kessler's Run on his third trip
Mark is pretty tired after a long day
TJ Checks out the view near our campsite
TJ does pushups at the end of the world
Campsite 45 is pretty great at night
TJ spells it out
Playing with light painting
Light painting!!!
Kate is having fun in the dark
Profile from Sunday's riding, basically
Google Earth view of the 18 road rides
Looking at the switchbacks on the Fronside trail in Google Earth
Kessler's Run, so much fun!
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