Gallery | Snowy Adventures | Snowshoeing around Montgomery Pass: March 22, 2008

Our second (and likely last) snowshoe of the season took us to some incredible alpine vistas, and got us massively lost in the highest parts of the Rocky Mountains.
Looking up at the big mountains from the highway
We're headed to the pass between those two mountains
The highway heads over Cameron Pass
Our trailhead
Mark getting geared up for the day
It looks kind of windy and snowy up there
Liv ran up and down the trail
Snow on the pine trees
Shadows on the snow
These big snow-globs were all over the trees up there
Mark heads off break our trail after the sugar bowls intersection
We are no longer on a trail.  More like an avalanche run-out.
Approaching tree-line below a 1000ft wall of snow
I don't like the looks of that spin-drift!
Smooth, white, snowy mountains
We hiked along the tree line for a while until we got to the pass
Looking north towards Clark Peak
Big mountains all around
Mark and I were feeling like cool alpine explorers at this point
Liv runs free on Montgomery pass
Amazing views from Montgomery pass
Mark is enjoying his day up high in the mountains
Looking North towards the Rawah peaks
A steep wall of wind-loaded snow
Looking south-east towards the Mummy range
Snow caked trees just over the pass
Mark and Liv warm up in the sun
Kate yoga shoot 1
Kate's headstand was sabotaged
Kate's yoga shoot 2
Kate's yoga shoot 3
Mark and Liv warm up in the sun for a while more
Views of the Rawah Mtns - my favorites
B&W Vista
Mark and Liv found sun and shelter from the wind
Our trail below an 11,500ft snow-covered mountain
Photoshop did weird things with this shot, but I like it
Windblown trees caked in deep snow
Looking towards the summit of the south peak from the pass
Snow sculptures
More snow sculptures
View to the northwest
Looking out at the Mount Zirkle wilderness
View to the southwest - Haystack and Parkview?
The pass is like a wind-tunnel
The Mummy range looks covered in heavy snow
Looking south towards the Diamon Peaks
Mountains in B&W
Skiers arrive as we leave
Mark breaks trail on the way down
Looking back towards the Rawah Mtns and Clark Peak
Mountains in B&W
This is probably where we got lost
Finally made it back to the car!
Red is where we were on trail, green is where we were off
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