Gallery | Snowy Adventures | Snowshoeing to Loch Vale: December 13, 2008

The snow was falling, and we hiked out to the prettiest place in Rocky Mountain NP. Along the way, we found a new short cut, met a group of ice climbers, and had the whole Loch to ourselves.
A big pile of gear ready to go out the door
Looks like there's some climbers in the mountains today
Looking out over the woods to our distant destination
Our trail is marked with orange blazes
The lowest part of the creek is not quite frozen
A lovely old tree crowns the cliff
Apens in the snow
We decided to take a shortcut up the hill
Snow piles
The snow is coming down in the mountains
The Gash hovers in the distant snow
Trees, valleys, mountains, snow
Mark adjusts his gaitors in the snow
The short cut turns out to be a bit long
Back on the trail just before the split
Lots of bunny tracks in the snow
A big group of ice climbers
Now that looks like a fun sport!
But they have a nice view from the flows
Ice climbing on Mo' Flo' Than Go (WI 3-)
Heading up Mo' Flo
The snowshoes are officially on!!
Ice, cliffs, trees, and mountains
Mark heads back down the hill
Looking back at the climbers from across the valley
Mark surveys the glacial valley
Aproaching Loch Vale
Wind and snow blowing across the frozen lake
A view across the frozen Lock
Snow, ice, wind and frozen Loch Vale
Snow and wind blowing down from the high peaks
Kate at the Loch
The wind was pretty brisk
Mountains dissapearing into the clouds
The frozen lake
A brief break in the sky
More wind flowing down the valley
Spin drift on the surface of the lake
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