Gallery | Daily Life | August Weather 2008

Some pictures of foggy mornings and stormy skies as summer comes to its peak here in Northern Colorado.
Fog and sunflowers
Sunrise on a foggy morning in the big garden
Walkers in the fog
Fog and creek
Big scarey clouds head for D-Liz's house
A big storm is blowing in
The wall cloud spins above me
When the sky turns green...
Here comes the badness
Wild skies
That blanket probably wasn't big enough to protect the new car
Hail took the leaves off the tree and filled the street
Hail accumulates on the roofs of houses
Accumulated hail in the front yard
Liz's garden is in sad shape
The garden is splattered all over the fence and grill
No more 'maters this year
The tomato plant is in really bad shape
The aftermath at Grant Family Farms
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