What’s going on here?

March 11, 2009 at 7:26 am

Thanks to great blogs like Think Buddha, I’ve recently stumbled across the fun little app at wordle.net. While word clouds are nothing particularly new, this site does a fantastic job of simply reading in your most recent rss entries and creating a beautiful piece of word art, concisely showing what it is you seem to be most interested in blabbering on about.


In word clouds, the most common words are the biggest. So, in this blog, I mostly talk about Mark! This seems appropriate. I also use the words “sun,” “roof,” “climb,” and “image” a lot. Must be the trip reports. But right after Mark is “Get.” Hmm. Really? I’ll have to watch that one. Surely there’s better words out there than “get” to use all of the time…

What does your Wordle word cloud look like?