What’s a guy to do?

January 12, 2009 at 2:55 pm

So, my wife is away for 2-ish weeks and I get a full run of the house with a sidenote that it needs to look respectable when she arrives next Saturday.
What does a married guy do when left to his own means for more than two weeks

Eat Food…

Beer Can Chicken Pizza

Watch an extra dog for a few days (Izzy got to go to work with Liv)

Dogs at Work

More Holiday Gifts… some wicked strong coffee…

Jittery Joes Coffee

Break the PS3 Rock Band Guitar because I rock THAT much.

My whammy bar went limp :(

Tiny springs make Mark ANGRY!

Endeavor to fix it.

I chose a random retired (though functional) household electronic which has moving parts in the theory that it could have a similar tiny little spring. I was right on my first guess. Sorry CD/Clock/Radio alarm, you served us well but Rock and Roll needs your parts.

Broken Guitar
The Patient.
Perfectly functional clock radio
The Victim… um… donor
donor parts
Broken and Donor springs
Rock and Roll Lives On!