Upper slopes of Grays Peak

July 26, 2006 at 7:30 am

This is a shot from the upper slopes of Grays. The trail was relatively easy, definately well defined. It switch-backed all the way up the face, and you can see little people all along the horizon if you view this large (click the image to get to flickr). I actually took this picture on our way down, just before 11am or so. There were plenty of people working their way up the mountain still, even though the clouds had started to move in a bit.

In the mountains during the summer, serious afternoon thunderstorms (heavy rain, wind, hail and much lightening) are very common. This day was after a frontal system had moved through, so an area of substinace and upper level dry air were preventing deep convection from occuring. Still, it made for some pretty clouds in the afternoon.