The End of the Trip

December 30, 2007 at 8:24 am

Today is our last day in the midwest for our Christmas break. Today we’ll pack everything up, and tomorrow morning we take off to head back to Colorado. It’s been a really nice trip, and I’ve put up pictures of all the fun in the gallery.

In Indiana, we played with our new toys, and had a great walk down the trail that follows the Mawmee river through Fort Wayne. It was a cloudy and cold day, but I still found a lot of pretty things to take pictures of.

Seed pods

Now that we’re back in St. Louis again, we’re relaxing, watching movies and playing a lot of Rock Band. I gotta say, banging on a fake drum kit is WAY more fun than I ever imagined. I’ve even almost convinced myself that I might have a little bit of rhythm. Sort of. But I can “play” Ok-go and Don’t Fear the Reaper like nobody! (More cowbell!)