We’re moving

March 21, 2008 at 8:30 pm

I got sick and tired of the slow speeds, poor up-time and horrible performance of our old webhost. So I signed up with somebody else! So far, the site is loading much faster (at least for me), but evidently moving an existing domain is one of the world’s most complicated tasks. The bureaucracy, the security hoops, the forms to fill out, the emails to respond to are all amazing in their bulk. It probably would have been easier for me to register MarkAndKateClimb.net and just set up an auto re-direct for a month or two until people got it.

But I didn’t.

So, now we’re on step 12 of 18: “waiting for the old registrar to contact me and ask permission to release the domain.” From what I’ve read, if they don’t do that in seven days then it will be released automatically. Hopefully, then the site will be back at it’s permanent address.

Or maybe I’ll give up and pick a new name. What about WeekendWeatherWarriors.com? Probably already taken. Oh, I know: VedauwooIsTheShiznit.Org! Well, that might be hard for my grandma to remember. Let me know if you, the readers, have any ideas.