Surprise! Indiana Jones movie release (no spoilers)

May 23, 2008 at 8:17 am

Last night Kate asked me if I wanted noodles from the similarly named chain restaurant. Of course I want noodles, I love noodles! On the way to the restaurant, we gave Doug and Liz a call to see if they wanted to join us and share Liz’s experience with the tornadoes of the day (she works in Windsor, CO). I thought it a little odd that we invited them when we were two-thirds of the way to one step above fast food, but they were up for it and met us at Noodles. Near the end of dinner, Liz declared that she wanted to do something else and I mentioned that I had wanted to head home to purchase and play the newly released Penny-Arcade game. I then accidentally used profanity in the vicinity of lots of children, but none seemed to notice. Kate suggests we go to check and see if Indiana Jones had any tickets left. Sure, why not… it’s opening night and we might get lucky.

At the ticket counter, Kate had a voucher for tickets! And so did Liz!
“When did you buy these”, I asked, thinking it was probably earlier in the evening.
“Last week”, Kate replied.
I was astounded. With a slack-jawed look on my face I started rewinding my week and connecting conversations with this secret plan. It was a conspiracy! Sweeeet! Kate was hoping for a big hug, but mostly I reacted with shock and a far-away look as I put together all the events which were driven by this plan.

How was the movie? It was fun. I was a little nervous about the time gap in this series and thought we might be getting another debacle on in the same way that Episode 1 was to Star Wars, but it was light and fun.