Spring in RoMo

May 3, 2009 at 7:59 pm

We got a break in the weather on Sunday and took off for the mountains. Mom and I went shopping in Estes Park and then we all drove up through the National Park. We watched elk, played in the snow, and walked on Trailridge Road past the closure.

There’s some nice and fun pictures from the day in the gallery.

Christi and Katy up high in the national park
Mom and Katy at Many Parks Curve

Moraine Park
View over Moraine Park from Trailridge Road

Elk sitting below pine trees
A young elk laying beneath pines

Mummy mountains
The Mummy Mountains

Magpie stealing a ride
A Magpie catches a ride on a grazing elk

Mountains and cloudy skies
Mountains and clouds

We haven’t been climbing in a while, and it will be several more weekends before we get the chance. But May is lining up to be a great month, with a lot of beautiful trips planned. Our brief time in the national park left me desperately craving more time in high places. Soon the snow will melt, and we will return.