Space Station and Shuttle

August 22, 2007 at 6:36 am

One of Kate’s mailing lists at school informed us of the following…
“Just as before, the Space Shuttle has un-docked from the International Space Station and the two of them are flying in formation about 200 miles above the Earth. They are traveling around 17,000(ish) MPH and can be seen in the night sky at …”

We saw it plain as day.
Space There was a bright spot chased by another less bright spot which shows on the long exposure as streaks. I told Kate “If you use your imagination, it really is a space station getting chased by a space shuttle” to which she replied, “But it really is!”. Sure, but I still contend you have to use your imagination. When I look up into the sky, I am never imagine that there are people in those white dots… That’s just crazy!

And did I mention the mosquitos? If you go outside for only 10 minutes after dark, it is still worthwhile to put on a t-shirt. I’m thinking this could be my year for West Nile virus. I’m hoping for the “feel tired for a couple days” type of West Nile . Not the “brain swells and then you die” kind. It’s still quite rare… the CDC has Colorado up to 72 cases , only bested by California (more detail here ).