Snow Sculptures

October 22, 2006 at 5:53 pm

Another good weekend, even if it was rather cold. On Saturday, we got a little climbing in with Dylan and Ann again at the Palace. I experienced a cold against which all other “cold” will be measured that day. I walked across the Poudre River in near freezing temperatures. My feet hurt soooo bad at first, and then my legs went completely numb from the knees down! It was quite an experience, and happily a short one as I had dry socks to put on once I reached the far bank. We hit two fun climbs, a long 9+ and a fun 10a that were in and out of the sun. Eventually, the snow from Friday night returned and we retired to Coopersmiths for beer and fish and chips. I’ve really had a great time hanging out with Dylan and Ann lately, and I’m really happy we’ve been able to meet such cool interesting people.

Today, we hooked up with Grant and tried embracing the coming winter with a hike to Chasm Lake. We lost the trail somewhere above tree-line in 50 mph winds and blowing snow, so we decided to turn around. These interesting cornices hovered over the trail near tree line. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.