Reporting from Thailand!

February 18, 2010 at 7:09 pm

Well, it’s been an incredible week so far. I’m not really sure where to begin.

I’ve started putting a few pictures up in the gallery, but there are hundreds more to come!

Mark on the boat ride to Railay

Currently, I’m sitting in the lobby of a resort on the west coast of Railay Peninsula, on the south east coast of Thailand, using the only free wifi for 100 miles, and sweating like mad. We’re taking the day off of adventures today, because Mark and I both feel like we’ve been through a mud, sand, sun and salt-water filled blender in the last few days.

First view of the Tonsai Cliffs

We’ve been on the peninsula for 3 days, and so far we’ve hiked through thick jungles, seen about a hundred monkey’s, climbed two beautiful sport climbs, met up with my old college buddy Weeks, gone swimming in clear, warm water, and spent hours deep water solo’ing on the cliffs dotting the ocean.

Swimming in the Adamantian Sea

Longtail boats at Phra Nang Beach

We are sunburnt, raw, and exhausted today, but still have plenty of time left to explore this amazing country. Mark and I are in love with Thailand right now. The people are amazing, the food is fantastic, the landscape is surreal and beautiful, and the climbing is top-notch.

Afternoon sailing and swimming

What more could you possibly want?

Railay West at sunset