Oh Yeah…

July 30, 2007 at 8:57 am

So, despite what it must look like, Mark and I are still leaving the house occasionally this summer. I know it seems like I’ve just been sitting around writing about Italy, but, in fact, we’ve been out climbing! I know, it’s amazing!


Yesterday I stuck shots from bouldering at Rotary Park up in the gallery. I know, I know, these shots are two weeks old! But I like them, and I thought they deserved some attention.


This was the Sunday the day after I got home from Italy. Ann and Dylan had a little picnic with the group up at Rotary Park to celebrate various family members visiting, their purchase of an awesome new camper, and (ahem) my safe return from overseas. After a tasty dinner of perfectly grilled chicken and really good quinoa salad, the boys retired to the boulders, and I dug out my flash.

Dylan Tops Out