More from Thailand

February 20, 2010 at 8:03 pm

Another morning off, another hour of internet, and a few more pictures are up in the gallery.

Walking home in the evening

Things are falling into a bit of a rhythm here, and it’s a nice slow one. It’s a wonderful feeling to not have anywhere that we have to be, or anything that we have to do, right now. Just time to relax, enjoy the sea, the sun, and the rocks, and have a great time.

Climbing Thailand

Mark and I have decided that Railay peninsula, despite being filled with resorts and European tourists, is still one of the most “real” places we have visited. In other words, it’s hot, dirty, sweaty, and wonderful. The monkey’s are real and wild, the reefs are filled with fish, and the jungles sing with cicada’s and bats at night.



Mark gets a kick out of the fact that there’s no signs warning tourists of the danger of steep cliffs here. There’s no yellow paint on the mud-slick trail to the hidden lagoon among the cliffs. No ropes or trainers keeping us from getting bitten by monkey’s. And no life preservers on the boats taking us out to snorkel. In fact, when signing up for ocean activities, nobody makes you sign a waiver, vouch for your swimming abilities, or tells you if you might get eaten by sharks.

Mark leading a fun 6b on the quieter end of 1,2,3

You have to look out for yourself here, and this ain’t Disney World! But, I think it’s even more fun that way.