Memorial Day Weekend in Voo, Part 3

May 26, 2008 at 10:54 pm

Three nights, three posts. Though Monday was a little uneventful. The rest of the pictures from the weekend are up in the gallery.

Our tent in the forest

One good day of climbing and then it was time for Vedauwoo to remind us that it is still, technically, early spring in Wyoming. We awoke Monday morning to a wet fog filling the air like confetti at a political convention. Those of us who were left packed up camp and headed home. I wandered about the woods near our camp for a while trying to capture the surreal thickness of air with my inadequate tools.

Aspens in the Mist

It felt a bit like being a goldfish in a dirty tank. I mistakenly went off trail for a few minutes and then couldn’t find it again. I bushwacked in (what I thought) was the general direction of our camp, and then caught a glimpse of our bright yellow car. I popped out of the woods on the exact opposite side of camp from where I imagined I had been walking. So weird and disorienting.

A Walk in the Woods

Mark and I drove home, layed out all of our wet gear to dry, and then spent the afternoon in a semi-conscious state watching TV as the rain pounded outside of our house. In the evening, we all met for dinner one more time at our favorite local brew-pub. We toasted a great long weekend, and the beginning of another fantastic climbing season.