Memorial Day Weekend Conglomeration

May 29, 2008 at 8:10 am

As you’ve no doubt read by now, we spent a the holiday weekend with good friends in our favorite place: Vedauwoo, Wyoming. I was not the only person with a camera and a blog, and I thought I would add a few links, pictures and video taken by others in the group.

Sean has a concise trip report and some pictures on his blog.

Doug has a nice write up on his blog, as well as a lot of great pics up on his flickr site.

Ann also has some really nice (and not so nice ;) ) pictures up on her flickr site, though she is often to shy to make them public, unfortunately. Here, I will help!

Yes, that is me trying out Doug’s very nice pipe and pipe tobacco. I have a strange and secrete fondness for pipe tobacco and cigars. Don’t tell my mom or my insurance guy.

Dylan, who is one of my greatest blogging inspirations, is slowly building a great series of posts about the weekend. He has the actual GPS track from our hike on Saturday up on his site. And he has this fantastic video of our first campsite on windy, windy Saturday. It really gives a bit of a feel for what the wind is like out on the ridges of the Green mountains. Just remember, the temperature was hovering around 40F (~4C) while he was filming.

Thank you everybody for your friendship and company. What a great weekend!