Mark’s Parents in Vedauwoo

October 15, 2007 at 5:52 pm

Lots of great shots up in the gallery!

Early Snow

On their last day in town, Mark and I decided to take his parents up to Vedauwoo for an afternoon hike. Snow had fallen over the area the night before, and the Box Canyon trail wove up through the Turtle rocks covered in a light layer of wet, melting snow.

Mark and Kathy hiking in the snow

Vedauwoo is an amazing and mysterious place. Each season the light changes, the trees change, and it seems the rocks themselves change. Mark and I have spent so much time there this summer, that the Turtle Rock formation felt like a whole different place with snow on the ground and water running over the rocks.

Low sun through the aspens

We hiked to the top of the trail, and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the view. I scrambled over to a large flat area and Mark took a bunch of shots of me doing yoga. It didn’t take us long to get up there, and we made it back to the car right around two hours. I don’t know how long the hike is, but Mark’s parents felt it was not too steep and not too long, and perfectly fun. They both had so much fun, they hope to head back to Vedauwoo someday.

Jeff and Kathy in the donut rock 1