Mark vs. Wild: The Rocky Mountains

January 11, 2007 at 9:39 am

So, last night I had a great time, and I finally put together the Mark vs. Wild video that I’ve had laying around for the last two months. I put it up on the video page, check it out! I apologize now for the constant girl-ish giggling of the camera-woman. I was just having too much fun, I guess.

It is a rather large file. Evidently adding the soundtrack, while lots of fun to do, made the file bloat a bit. Just be patient during the download, I guess.

I am aware of the fact that Mark and I are probably two of the total maybe 10 people in the world who Tivo Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel. We find it hi-larious, and fully entertaining. Poor Bear, he puts himself through so much trauma just in case we might someday get lost on a volcano in Hawaii.

Thus, if you’ve never seen the show, the video clip may not make a ton of sense (or be nearly as funny as it was for us to make it). There are clips of the show on the fansite, and here are a few more from You Tube: frozen Lake in the European Alps, bad night in the rainforest, and silly fun in the Moab desert.