“If you don’t like the weather…”

January 7, 2010 at 7:37 am

it must be winter. This is one heck of a temperature swing…

Temperature Change 01.07.10

After a high near 45F yesterday morning (helped a bit by down-slope winds), the temperature just kept falling. It hit rock bottom a little over 24 hours later at -15F. Yep, that’s a drop of 60F in 24 hours.

It’s cold out there right now. Cold over most of the country. My family in St. Louis have been sitting in frigid temps for the last two weeks or more, and it’s not looking to warm up any time soon for any of us.

Temperature Change - Forcast is cold! - 01.07.10

That’s -30C, -22F air spilling across midwest! Point of reference… -40C (-40F) is the “convergence” temperature, where the two scales meet up. And it’s really, really, really cold.