I was looking for… what was I looking for?

April 7, 2008 at 7:56 pm

Kate and I are in Best Buy Sunday night with a primary mission to get the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls so that we quit watching them out of order when our TiVO randomly decides to record one. And yes, I like Gilmore Girls… you can impugn my manliness as you see fit, but it is an excellent show.

The super-secret secondary mission is for me to go and get my monthly PC game purchase. I’ve got my sights on a box-set of Oblivion and I’m heading to the PC gaming section when I walk by some youngsters playing the song “Should I stay or Should I go?” by The Clash on the floor demo of Rock Band.

Instantly, I’m humming along with the song and standing in front of a row of games with absolutely no clue as to why I am there. A blue-shirt asks me if he can help me and I tell him I’ve forgotten the name of the game I came here to buy. I say “It’s the most popular off-line computer role playing game of 2007” and he replies, “so is that the title?” That one caught me a little off guard. “Um…. no, I’ll work it out. Thanks for your time.”

I browse the titles and my head is filled with nothing but The Clash. I might as well be blind. I go back to find Kate and ask her to tell me what I was thinking when I walked into the store. She’s my ace, and when we arrive back at the PC games, the song is now Nirvana. I’m only perhaps 75% engaged by it, but still cannot find what I’m looking for. Kate picks it up from somewhere directly in the center of my vision and we leave the store with a pile full of Gilmore Girls, midevil RPGs and some $10 James Bond movies. Success!