Holy Batshit Fatman! Wait…

May 2, 2008 at 5:47 pm

Mark and I bought a new car! The passat always served us well, but it’s days were numbered. When the local Toyota dealership offered us a surprisingly good deal on a brand new Prius, we had to take it!

The car is awesome, and we love playing with all of the gadgets. The bluetooth connection lets you use the cars speaker system to make phone calls. There is actually a specific cable/port thingy for my iPod. And it gets 20 more miles per gallon than the Passat. It feels a bit like driving a spaceship. Not the exciting take-off part, of course, but the floating through space part.

The slow, quiet travel of vast empty spaces because you have no real destination and no urgency of arrival. It’s the Zen-inducing side-effect of piloting a vehicle with 74 horsepower.

New Car