Hiking Lilly Mountain

May 22, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Mark’s parents got a last minute condo rental in Estes Park this spring, and we all decided to make a trip out of it for a fun vacation in the mountains. Bruce flew in from San Diego, and Mark and I drove up from the Fort.

Bruce enjoying the summit

The weather worked out well for the weekend, finally warming up enough to make a day out in the mountains really nice. Also, my nausea has started to subside, and by the start of this trip, I had gotten back a little bit of energy.

We decided to take Mark’s family up Lilly Mountain, one of our favorite hikes in Estes Park. The little summit of this mountain has one of the most incredible views of Rocky Mountain National Park that we have found anywhere.

And it’s just a “short” 2 mile hike!

Rocky Mountain Panorama

Two miles doesn’t sound like much, until you’ve spent the last 4 months with your head in a toilette. Mark’s mom and brother were both recovering from colds as well, and hitting a steep mountain trail on their first day at altitude may not have been the best decision.

It was a strong effort, and we all made it all the way up to the summit on Saturday! We all felt very accomplished for the day as we dragged our tired bodies back to the rental. And we all earned our tasty dinners from Ed’s that night.

Calders on Lilly Mountain