Hiking Crown Point

August 23, 2009 at 1:34 pm

It was a sunny Sunday morning in August, and I told Mark I was suddenly in the mood to do some shopping. He suggested hiking instead.

Distant mountains peak above the trees

Two hours later, it was about noon, and we were starting out on the Brown’s Lake trailhead, with clouds blowing in and the Comanche Peak Wilderness as our goal.

Watching Rain

Within the first mile, we passed two other couples hiking out, both of whom alerted us to the fact that it was probably going to rain and thunderstorm on us very soon. As the trail we were on runs above treeline for many miles, the threat of lightening was a very real one.

Watching storms pass us by

We decided to take advantage of the few minutes before rain by climbing Crown Point, a 11,500ft high peak about two miles in from the trailhead. The trip to the top was very easy, and the views of the distant Neversummer range were completely beautiful.


From there, we descended to the wilderness boundary before deciding to tuck tail and run back to the car.

Big dark clouds form overhead

We’ve tried to hike to Brown’s lake twice now, and been unsuccessful both times. Let’s hope the third time is the charm!