Fun Friday Videos!

October 3, 2008 at 12:42 pm

Dance Edition!!

It probably isn’t a secrete to anybody that Mark and I have started taking, yes, this is true, Ballroom Dance Classes. We’ve had four classes so far, and have learned timeless steps like triple jive and “modern rock.” We’ve also learned some basics of the European style like quarter turns and pivot turns. Andre, our soviet-era Russian professional ballroom dance instructor, is very keen on making everything look good and flow, and we’ve been working hard to keep him happy. The most fun we’ve had, though, is with the Merengue. You should see us rock out to this one. We totally look like these people.

And, while we’re dancing ourselves silly, here’s a video my little brother made to blow off steam during finals last week. Yeah, he’s awesome. Here’s a link to the original groovy dancing girl if you’re curious.