Fishcreek Falls

September 12, 2011 at 8:53 pm

Our week in Steamboat Springs with Mark’s family coincided perfectly with the last week of summer. The leaves were not, quite, changing yet, but the smell and feel of fall was in the air.

G, Mark and Bruce

We hiked out to Fishcreek Falls on our first full day in the area. The parking area was covered in signs saying the area was closed for “tree spraying,” but the lot was full of cars and people were coming and going on both trails.

Fishcreek Falls

We walked out to the overlook, taking numerous shots of the falls along the way. I worried at the last overlook that I could smell wiffs of insecticide, and being the neurotic mom that I am, I suggested we head home and come back later in the week.

Fishcreek Falls

(The above shot is my favorite of the whole set. In fact, I think its one of my favorite photos from the last few years.)

Later in the week, we did come back. We walked the quarter mile down to a historic bridge over Fish Creek, and enjoyed the view of the falls from below.

Fishcreek Falls

Kathy even scrambled out on the rocks with me while I used my awesome new neutral density filter to shoot the falls, the creek, and anything near by.

Cataract in the stream

It is such a pretty area. I’m so glad we had a chance to share it with the family.

Mark, G and Kate on the trail

Jeff and Kathy enjoying a fall day