Fall Climbing on Punk Rock

September 18, 2011 at 1:04 pm


This is going to be a short post to show off some fun pictures.

G playing with climbing gear

Despite the lack of evidence on this blog, Mark and I have gotten out for a bit of climbing here and there this fall. The changing seasons have brought more than the usual amount of illness to our doorstep, but on warm, dry weekends, when everybody’s healthy, we head out to the rocks.

Mark Concentrating

These photos all came from a sunny Sunday in mid-September. The theory had been to repeat the awesome afternoon of baby-full climbing of July, but the Bishops’ didn’t quite make it, and we got to bring Bruce a long for some fun this time!

Bruce kicking butt on a tricky 5.9 to start the day

We spent the afternoon on Punk Rock, this time, and climbed four of the routes there. I’m not sure which now, but they ranged in grades from a fun, overhanging 5.8, to tricky 5.9s and a thin, fingery 5.11 that Mark joyfully flashed.

Mark Concentrating

Hooray for sunny climbing in the mountains with good friends!