Exploring Moab: Part III

September 9, 2007 at 5:53 am

Got the rest of the photos up in the gallery.

On our last day in Moab, TJ and I got up early to go set up shots of Arches in the early day light, before the crowds show up. This was lots of fun, and we got six more shots out of the large format camera. This time without having to ask anybody to move out of the way. I thought it was pretty cool that none of the rangers driving around the park at the crack of dawn have any questions for the two of us, hiking into the desert with a giant Ansel Adams era box camera.

TJ loads the film holders

We also had a lot of fun setting up shots of me doing a few yoga poses. There’s a bunch in the gallery, and I’d love to go back to do more shoots like these someday.

Balanced Rock

Mark and I took off to head back to Colorado around noon, and with a few unplanned pit-stops, we made it back without much problem. We stopped a bit along the Colorado River for a few more pictures. It’s just so hard to leave such an amazing place!

Mesas high above the Colorado River