Exciting Changes!

April 15, 2012 at 7:36 am

“May the bridges I burn light the way.”

The New ColoCalders.com!

Let’s face it, having a baby changes every aspect of your life, and not even this blog has escaped! I’ve been posting photos and writing about our adventures around here at ColoCalders for nearly six years, covering topics from crazy climbing, to crazy weather, and even crazy computer fires. But in the last two years, my focus has taken a decidedly baby-oriented turn, and this blog has changed subjects once again.

So, I took this opportunity for a bit of an overhaul. I’ve updated the theme and the general organization of the site. Check out some of these changes!

  • The “Follow Us!” links on the sidebar will take you to Kate’s social media pages on other sites. Some of these are more often updated (Pintrest) than others (G+), but we’re out there.
  • I’ve updated the About page to include the kiddo! Unfortunately, the “Kate is working on her Phd” is STILL applicable. Perhaps that will change in the next year…
  • There is a new Resources page with lots of links to other sites, blogs and books about getting out for adventures with kids. I’ve recently stumbled upon an amazing community of climbing/hiking/biking/camping/blogging parents who haven’t slowed down (too much) with their babies in tow. Check these sites out for inspiration, how-tos, gear reviews, and awesome stories about families in the wild!
  • The Map page has been updated to… well, actually work. And give a good overview of where we’ve been in the last six years. I also added links to some of our more popular trip reports. I’m hoping to keep working on this page to categorize the adventures better, giving visitors a good overview of where they can find info on kid-friendly or super-epic climbing and hiking.
  • And the Archives have been moved from a rather useless drop-down menu to their own page with a nice visualization plug-in.
  • For the content of the site, well, it’s already been pretty baby-full of late. And, you’re only going to get more of it. I know this may annoy some people who used to stop by and read about our climbing, but life moves on and we’re dragged along with it. As always, Mark and I are more interested in enjoying the journey than focusing on the destination, and we hope that you’ll come along with us for the ride!

As usual, please leave a comment if you find something that isn’t working, or you have any suggestions for links or content. Mark and G and I are all super excited about the approaching summer, and we have some big plans for this year!