Clouds, Clouds, Clouds

August 8, 2007 at 12:57 pm

I’ve spent my week at a team meeting for my advisor’s largest research project. It’s been a great meeting. On Tuesday, I gave my first public science talk: to the whole conference! Close to 100 of the best, and most famous, climate and cloud modelers in the world sat there and watched me explain the MJO in the most interesting and least complicated way that I could. From what I hear, it was a resounding success. It’s sooo good for your ego to have so many people come up and tell you how much they enjoyed your talk. I feel really proud right now.

But also really tired. I’ve got a late night tonight and then a stressful day tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to this weekend right now!

In honor of the cloud modeling meeting, here’s a shot of the Colorado sky this afternoon.

Multi Scale