Climbing on Golden Cliffs

October 17, 2009 at 9:57 pm

Ron on North Table Mountain

Dylan and Ann were in town for the weekend, so we met up at the warm basalt crags that sit above Golden, Colorado. It was a lovely day, warm enough to climb in tank tops, crowded enough to give the crag a party feel. Sean came up from Denver and met us around lunchtime as well.

Ann working the hard final moves of Toast and Jam (5.7)

Two bolts clipped

I’m not going to chronicle the day hour by hour or anything. One important lesson from our day though: bring a trad rack to this area, even if you expect to only be sport climbing. There are a surprising number of really fun cracks to be climbed on North Table Mountain. If you never plug any gear out there, you’re missing out!

Sean gets angry!

Ann is an awesome belayer

We climbed Toast and Jam (5.7+), Intuition (5.7), Hate Hate (5.9+), Henry Spies the Line (5.10a), and Mark worked up Death of Innocents (5.11d) on TR.

That sunburn will hurt a lot later