Warm & Fresh

February 17, 2007 at 12:51 pm

We had some locally grown eggs today for breakfast. The yolks are quite orange. Tonight we’ll try some fresh pasta with them and then perhaps some cookies or other egg-based desert. I’m hoping to repost some findings as to how they are to cook with. So far, looking really good.


Mark vs. Wild: The Rocky Mountains

January 11, 2007 at 9:39 am

So, last night I had a great time, and I finally put together the Mark vs. Wild video that I’ve had laying around for the last two months. I put it up on the video page, check it out! I apologize now for the constant girl-ish giggling of the camera-woman. I was just having too much fun, I guess.

It is a rather large file. Evidently adding the soundtrack, while lots of fun to do, made the file bloat a bit. Just be patient during the download, I guess.

I am aware of the fact that Mark and I are probably two of the total maybe 10 people in the world who Tivo Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel. We find it hi-larious, and fully entertaining. Poor Bear, he puts himself through so much trauma just in case we might someday get lost on a volcano in Hawaii.

Thus, if you’ve never seen the show, the video clip may not make a ton of sense (or be nearly as funny as it was for us to make it). There are clips of the show on the fansite, and here are a few more from You Tube: frozen Lake in the European Alps, bad night in the rainforest, and silly fun in the Moab desert.

Brown food

January 7, 2007 at 5:45 pm

Update: All the “looks tastey” comments urge me to boast of new camera equipment. For Christmas, I got kate a Nikon Zoom lense with vibration reduction . It is responsible for brown food and all the hawk pictures. The VR features is awesome. One doesn’t need a steady hand when there are 3 gyroscopes in the lense to take that quiver out. Sweeeeeet.

I’ve been reading a book called Heat and the author makes constant mention of “Ragu” which by the way has very little to do with the red stuff in the jar. He also has a cute little bit about Tuscan food and how it has so many shades of brown.

Seeing as I’m getting over a cold, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I endeavored to make something Italian that took at least a half day to cook. I picked a Ragu Bolognese. It lacks mention of how much stock to use so I blended in a Mario Batali recipe (halfway down the page) which let me feel good about substituting pancetta for the ham and bacon. I invented a lot of steps, so I wouldn’t say I followed either recipe. I did discover a can of tomato sauce in my cabinet which expired in 2005. It must have moved twice to be that far gone.

The hard part was getting the red wine on a Sunday here in Colorado. Liquor stores aren’t open and grocery stores don’t carry wine. It turns out that if you buy a bottle and are served one glass, you can take the rest home with you. It involves re-corking and lots of masking tape. Anywho, 3 hours later we had a very savory spaghetti bolognese and it was pretty good. Now it’s time to finish off that bottle of wine.

Guitar Hero2-dom, almost

December 6, 2006 at 11:08 am

I set an achievable goal for myself on the PS2 game Guitar Hero 2. I was going to achieve a five star rating on all the songs with medium difficulty to unlock one of the bonus guitars. I had finished “Institutionalized – Suicidal Tendancies” with a blazing 97% playing nearly the whole song in a rockin power stance.
(see http://www.guitarherobrokemyknee.com for warnings on the power stance)
I was ONE song away yesterday (and an easy one at that) when I started up the PS2 and it said “creating new save game”. It wiped my entire game card. I get to start all over. Time for some finger stretches!

Mark can blog too (1st entry – food and birthday)

December 6, 2006 at 10:59 am

I’m a blogger now too! First entry, birthday. Mom and Dad and Mom and Dad, thanks for kitchen gadgets!

Birthday gift – Food Processor.
It sliced potatoes like a champ for home-made potatoes augratin. Each slice was 1/8 inch thick and it took less than 1 second to decimate a potatoe. The slicer was AWESOME. My cheese sauce needs improvement.

Birthday gift – Kitchen Aid accessories: Pasta Extruder
Made my own spaghetti from scratch using the grinder accessory that presses pasta dough through a shaped grate (think play-dough factory). As for the dough, this was my second attempt at pasta dough, and quite successful. The big improvement came from leaving the kitchen-aide beating the heck out of the dough while I play guitar hero 2. It makes the dough extra gluten-y.

New/Old Toy – Toaster Oven
Our old black and decker toaster oven blew one of its rods apart, so I got a Euro-Pro to replace it. It’s bigger (can do a whole totinos pizza) but excellent. I can slide my whole grill pan into it (with door propped open) and get a little extra top-side broiling in just minutes.

New favorite recipe – Tortilla Pizza
Super easy (and healthy) tortilla pizza recipe from a pillsbury cookbook. It took like 10 minutes, was tastey and contained very few processed food items. My new toaster oven whooped azz on it.