Camping on Chambers Lake

July 27, 2012 at 7:40 am

As I might have alluded to in my previous post, we spent last weekend camping and hiking up near Cameron Pass. I reserved a campsite at the Chambers Lake campground back in March, and the weekend had finally come around.

Our awesome campsite (lake just in front of the hill back there)

The campground was beautiful, as expected. There are lots of sites big enough for medium-sized RVs, but not a place for the big class As. We camped on a peninsula that reached out into the middle of the lake, so our kiddo could spend his day running back and forth between beaches and throwing rocks from them.

Sneaking out to throw rocks in the rain

We saw plenty of people fishing, but only a few catches. We saw canoe-ers, kayakers, inflatable-rafters and lots of swimmers on the lake as well. In fact, the boating looked like so much fun, Mark and I were discussing roof-racks and paddling-with-toddler logistics for the whole trip home (“So, how do we keep the kiddo from throwing all of our stuff into the lake?”)

Don’t you wish you were here right now?

It was a fantastic place to spend the weekend, and I will let the photos speak for themselves. Next year, who’s coming with us?!

How I spent most of the weekend

Sunset on Chambers Lake

Sunrise over Chambers Lake

Morning on the calm mountain lake

Bald Eagle Circling

Zonked halfway through a luna bar on the trip home