Cabin Fever

March 9, 2013 at 2:09 pm

As the snow swirls and blows and flies outside the window, I dream of places to go and adventures to be had this summer.

I dream of tall cliffs and desert sun.

Los Hermanos de la Weenie Way

Penitente Canyon, May 2010

I dream of wide mountain vistas and thin alpine air.

Lunch with a view

Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness, August 2011

I dream of raging waterfalls and calm montane lakes.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls, July 2011

I dream of dirt in my food and sun on my skin.


Kokopeli Trail, April 2009

I dream of giggling babies and tinkling climbing gear.

Crag Baby

Lilly Mountain, July 2011

I dream of sweat on my back and miles on my legs.

Long's Peak Summit

Long’s Peak, August 2012

I dream of sore muscles, sun burns, laughter of friends, beer by the fire, and sleep under the stars. But the snow just keeps falling…