Buttermilk Clouds

May 10, 2007 at 8:19 am

Quite the field of boundary layer cumulus this morning. These are pretty rare for Colorado. The weather has been so great lately, that I’ve been able to get back to riding my bike to work. Wow, I am sore!

I’ve been working a bit on the site lately. You’ll notice a more fine-tuned category list on the side-bar to the left. I’m not completely done with the re-org, but I should be soon. I’m also working with Dylan to update and debug the Adventure Map. If you haven’t played with this toy much, I strongly suggest it. It’s pretty darn cool.

On Saturday, Mark is leaving for Japan for a week. I’m hoping to get him blogging about that trip too. It’s going to be neat to be able to put some pins on the map in Japan and then Italy in July!!