Birthday Hiking the Foothills

March 13, 2008 at 3:17 pm

I’ve written my thesis, I’ve defended my master’s, and now I’ve finished teaching my class at Colorado College. I’m home, I’m done and I’m taking a small vacation. The day after I got home was my birthday, and in celebration of my first day off in more than four months, Liv and I went for a little hike. There are a few pictures (mostly of the very cute doggie) up in the gallery.

Liv hangs out at the Reservoir

We started at the new trailhead behind the stadium just off of Drake road. From there, the trail winds through grassy open space until it begins to climb the steep side of the foothills. We hiked at a fairly good pace all the way up to Rotary park, to the top of the little summit just south of the parking lot for Rotary. From there, we hiked down to the reservoir for a drink and to stop and take some pictures in a brief spot of sun. After our break on the beach, we hiked back up to Rotary, and down to the car. About 4 miles of hiking and two hours later, Liv and I were back in the car and heading home. A nice way to spend a nice day off.

Sparkles on the lake