Au Bord de la Mer a la Plage

July 6, 2012 at 7:00 pm

When I was younger, we took year after year of week-long family vacations to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. When I was 16, my brother and I took a fast little sailboat out in the sound, and raced through choppy waves and high winds. When I was 17, I sat on the beach and watch tanned surfer boys play in the waves. When I was 18, I bought a blue coffee mug that I was sure would help get me through long college study sessions.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Later, I married an awesome tan boy on that same beach, and I still have that coffee mug.

Mark and Katy, married on the beach

This summer, we brought the whole family back for a week in an amazing beach house right along the shore. This time, we had a new family member!

Mark and Katy, now plus one!

It’s amazing how much has changed, and how much has stayed the same, since we first started these beach vacations. I have no digital pictures, no blog posts or Facebook updates from those old trips to remember them by.

Fireworks shot off for miles along the beach on the 4th of July

And this time around, I made some beautiful pictures, but the most special moments did not get caught on film.

Osprey hunting at dawn

Watching G squeal with fright and joy when the first wave chased him away from the ocean.

Playing in the surf with Grandma and Grandpa

Waking up to a storm over the ocean, and seeing four bolts of lightening strike the waves at once.

Sunrise on a stormy morning

Hanging out on the porch with my family in the cool breeze of an ocean night, waiting for a full moon to rise out of the haze.

Sunset and beach houses

Being surrounded by three big dolphins that came over to check me out on my stand-up paddle board.

Kate surfing baby waves with the SUP

A quiet dinner with Mark in the restaurant where we held our wedding reception.

Mark and G in the waves

I still love this place.

Life is good on the beach