Ancient History
Kate and Mark met while they were both working as software engineers at the same company in Indiana. They started going to a local rock gym together, eventually started dating, and began traveling to climbing areas around the US for their first several dates. They learned their early rock craft on the sandstone of the Red River Gorge, Jackson Falls and the New River Gorge. And they fell in love with climbing and each other quickly.

Mark and Kate on top of Bedtime for Bonzo - Red River Gorge

After getting married, Kate was accepted to Graduate School at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, to study Atmospheric Science. Mark found work as a software engineer for a small company that makes veterinary lab equipment. And they both fell in love with the high granite spires of Lumpy Ridge and Vedauwoo.

Mark and Kate on top of Ed's Crack - Vedauwoo

Recent History
After six years of climbing, hiking, biking and traveling, Kate and Mark took one more big trip to climb in Thailand. Nine months later, they welcomed their first child to the world and fell in love with their most spectacular adventure yet.

Mark and Baby G on an early hike - The Devil's Backbone

Baby G had his first hike through the mountains at 8 weeks old, and has been coming along on almost all of the family’s climbing adventures. He loves dirt, rocks, trucks and dogs, and seems to be headed for a charmed life.

G having a great day at the crag - North Table Mountain

The Purpose of This Blog
Kate started this blog in June of 2006 to write about climbing adventures and share her mountain photography with the world. Most of the writing and photography is done by Kate, but Mark gets a word in here and there.

Since G came into the picture, the focus has shifted slightly. To reflect these changes, the blog has been re-organized and re-tooled. We offer it to you as a source of inspiration and information about getting out for adventures with your kids. If you are in the Colorado area, check out trip reports and information on hiking and playing in our area. If you are a climber, we offer stories, advice and inspiration on taking little ones to the crag with you.

We believe that adventures continue and actually improve with children involved! If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment. Thanks!