A Month of Vedauwoo

July 25, 2010 at 9:17 am

Our friends Dylan and Ann have adopted a permanently nomadic lifestyle, and spent the last 8 months traveling around the western US. In July, they lived in Vedauwoo for the month, and we spent every weekend with them.

Wyoming Sunrise

Mark cleans up the tent as cows wander through our campsite

Mark and Kate - that was my last climb

During the month of July, I entered into my 6th month of pregnancy, and officially grew out of my harness. My last climb was a 5.8 offwidth at 23 weeks of pregnancy.

Sophie and Mark getting ready to climb!

Hiking out through an aspen grove

Ready for Ved!

Vedauwoo is such a special place. It is a quite grove of rocks and aspens, but sometimes the wind howls or other campers party nearby. It is criss-crossed with roads and trails, cows and climbers, but still has a wild and free feeling to it that cannot be tamed. The rock is sharp, painful and unforgiving, but offers so many opportunities for climb and play. It is a place where you meet people, meet up with friends, and meet your real self.

Sean belaying in the afternoon

Vedauwoo crystals are lovely

Another beautiful morning in Vedauwoo