The Smell of Autumn

October 4, 2012 at 6:59 am

Every season has an associated sense in my mind. The taste of snow and Christmas cookies in winter, the sounds of laughter and loud music on the car radio in summer, the feel of the first warm sun and soft rain in spring, and all of the lovely smells of autumn.

The smell of aspens shivering in a chilly breeze.

The smell of crunchy dead leaves as I hike through.

The smell of rocks and sweat and dirty climbing gear.

The smell of happy, dusty kids.

The smell of flowering sage.

The smell of chilly mornings and distant storms on the wind.

The smell of full moons and campfires. The smell of rocks and dirt and falling leaves and new mushrooms. The smell of roasted peppers and the first frost. The smell of change and life and death and autumn.