Fall in Colorado

September 18, 2010 at 6:27 am

It’s still a bit early for the true autumn glory in our part of the rocky mountains, but last weekend Mark and I drove up to Pingree Park looking for some great fall colors. And we weren’t disappointed.

Glowing Leaves

Yellow trees and blue skies

The poudre canyon was still very green in the second-to-last weekend of September, but as we climbed to higher altitudes we saw more and more color.

Aspen Homestead

Blue skies and yellow trees

Aspens in the breeze

We stopped a long the way for a little bit of hiking. As hunting season has recently started, Liv wore her “Please don’t shoot my dog” orange safety vest on the trail. At eight months pregnant, I’m actually feeling better (relatively) than I did in the first few months! But, I get winded when hiking up hill very quickly, and it’s rough not being able to take a full breath any more.

Liv wearing her safety vest

Eight Months!

It was a very nice afternoon, though, and I’m looking forward to making some more great pictures as the season continues!