2007 Climbing Year in Review

December 27, 2007 at 6:56 pm

Similar to last year, I decided to put together a video photo collage of all of the climbing photos from the past year. Unlike 2006, this year was a REALLY good climbing year, and we managed to spend almost every weekend (besides the ones we were traveling on) climbing in lots of fun places around the western US. In fact, I had so many pictures this year, that I had to throw out a lot to make the movies.

Yes, movies, plural. In response to Doug and Liz’s Cake-themed Christmas Card, I made a smaller video with one of my favorite Cake songs as the sound track – “Short Skirt Long Jacket” – with a subset of the bigger video photos. I think it’s fun.

The real video is a little less than ten minutes long. It was a really great year, and I feel proud and accomplished looking back on all of the great climbing we did. I’m hoping next year is even better… and Mark and I already have plans for some great adventures next year!!